Mass Times

Always check parish weekly bulletin for changed times on page 2 (Parish Diary/Future Dates):

5pm Vigil – Nambucca (1st to 4th Sundays)
5pm Vigil – Macksville (5th Sunday only)
(6pm all seasons except winter)

8am – Macksville (1st to 4th Sundays)
8am – Nambucca (5th Sunday only)
9.30am – Bowraville (1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of month)
10.00am – Taylor’s Arm (2nd and 4th Sundays of month)

5.30pm – Macksville

9.30am – Bowraville

9.30am – Macksville+Benediction

9.00am-Nambucca Heads+Benediction

Reconciliation Times

4.30pm - Nambucca Heads
5.30pm - Nambucca Heads (Summer)

5.00pm - Macksville

Other times: By appointment

Mass Times

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have maximize the space of our churches to adhere to the 4-square meters rule spatial distancing. Bookings are essential should you wish to attend the WEEKEND Masses. There is no need to book for weekday Mass. Everyone attending are required to sanitize their hands before signing in their names, address, contact number and signature before taking a seat. Hand sanitizers are provided upon entry to the church. Please observe the 1.5 meter rule. Please avoid congregating after mass.

Below are the maximum capacity of our respective churches.  Please seat only on the designated and marked space.

Nambucca Heads: 72

Macksville: 58

Bowraville: 60

Taylors Arm: 40

We ask that you follow the guidelines. Thank you. 

Parish Mass Times: 


9:30am – Macksville (additional Mass until further notice) 

6pm Vigil – Nambucca Heads (5pm during Winter)
6pm Vigil – Macksville (Only every 5th Sunday of any month,  5pm during winter)


8am – Macksville (or 8am – Nambucca Heads, ONLY on the 5th Sunday of any month)

9.30am – Bowraville (every Sunday until further notice)

11.00am – Taylor’s Arm (2nd and 4th Sundays of month)

Tuesdays: Macksville

5:00pm – Reconciliation

5.30pm –  Mass

Wednesdays: Bowraville


Thursdays: Macksville


Fridays: Nambucca Heads